This handsome teal gentleman requires some explanation. Prepare To Try is a Let's Play series on IGN. Daniel Krupa, Gav Murphy, and Rory Powers are three friends who play through video games together. Daniel tries to guide Rory as he plays (with varying levels of success), and Gav keeps the conversation interesting. They created Finchy as their custom character while playing games made by From Software, and this particular froggy version came about in Dark Souls 3. He's slimy, he's strange, he eats chapstick. Basically, I fell in love with the little weirdo, and I decided to sew him. He now lives with the boys in their London office, and he appears in the background of many of their videos. Of course, I ended up missing having a Finchy around, so I made myself another, smaller version. 


The community that has built up around the show is full of incredibly kind, supportive people, which is really just a reflection of how wonderful the boys themselves are. It's an honor to see myself referred to as Finchy's Mum. I highly recommend checking out the series even if you know nothing about video games. The first season is a great entry point for learning about Dark Souls, and ultimately, the best part of PTT is getting to see the friendship between Daniel, Gav, and Rory in action. 

Prepare to Try Fan Day

With the help of lots of other slugs, we put together a thank you video for the boys on the anniversary of the creation of our fan group - check it out here!

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